Geek Girl Crush Corner: Tessa Thompson

Tessa Thompson (Creed, Selma, Westworld) stole our hearts as Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok. Her character was originally created by Roy Thomas and John Buscema, and is based on the Norse mythological figure Brynhildr. The Marvel version Valkyrie first appeared in The Avengers #83 (December 1970). Like most immortal people in myth, especially in comics, she has a troubled past, that includes but is not limited to: falling in love with a man who was slain, then jumping into his funeral pyre and dying with him, then being resurrected by Odin with no memory of her last lover and falling in love with her last lover's son. She also had her body taken over by Thor's enemy Amora and started The Defenders and tried to defeat the Avengers. She's a bad ass in the source materials and even more of a badass onscreen, and we're super pumped to gush about her!

1. Tessa Thompson is perfect in this role

Manders: What can I say besides that Tessa Thompson needs to star as every queer female superhero ever? She is just so pretty and badass and sword wielding and did I mention pretty? Tessa Thompson has also been super vocal about queer representation in the Marvel movies, which heart eyes. I’m pretty sure the MCU has never included a non-heterosexual hero.

Tricialicious: Check and check Manders. The Washington Post confirmed that this was planned as the first Marvel film with a bisexual character. But as per usual, the only scene that even hinted at her being with a lady was cut. And another lousy excuse was given by the director. ("It distracted from the scene's vital exposition.") I don't know about you Manders, but as a queer gal, I'm really sick of being so excited about potential queer representation in my beloved fandoms, only to have my hopes shattered and shitty excuses made.

2. She’s the bisexual hero we need

Manders: Pros: Valkyrie is canonically bisexual in the comics, and Thompson has confirmed that the Marvel Movie universe version is also bisexual. Which is great! But con: Like you said earlier, Tricialicious, a scene openly expressing her queerness was cut from the film. One can only hope that Valkyrie/Thompson will come out on screen. The representation is great, but really it needs to be seen.

Tricialicious: Agreed, dude! Bisexual representation is super important. Our bisexual siblings are bashed on both sides of society constantly (queer and straight), and we need heroes who can scream from the rooftops “Yo, I like both! I'm gonna go kick ass now, byyyeee.” Queer rep just helps normalize our experience with hetero audiences, and gives us queer folk have someone to identify with, which is so damn important for our personal growth and self esteem. So, thank you Tessa Thompson for fighting for queer rep, and looking gorgeous while doing it. winka winka

3. She has Dragonfang

Manders: Valkyrie has an enchanted sword named Dragonfang! How freakin’ cool/badass/hot is that? She also rides a winged horse named Aragorn. If that’s not the definition of kickass I really don’t have a clue.

Tricialicious: Whew, lordy! I love a kick ass lady with a bomb ass sword! And a dragon!!! (fans face) She classy, sassy, and a powerhouse!

4. She’s confident

Manders: I mean, no one should ever question Valkyrie’s ability to kick ass and take names. But sometimes in action movies ladies get ‘oh you can fight? But you’re girl!’ bullshit that makes me want to punch people in the face. Thor, Loki, or anybody else never questions her and confidence just exudes from her. Le sigh.

Tricialicious: Yes, I love that she's respected as her powerful self by the dude bros. That needs to be shown more in action movies in general. And confidence is such a sexy characteristic for a lady. In a society that constantly tries to shut we lady folk up? Ask us to smile all the damn time? Expect us to be Sunshine Susan and cater to the feelings and comfort of men and be genteel? Psh, hell no! It's always empowering to watch women be exactly who they are, embrace their power, and fearlessly let their voices be heard and be instantly respected.

5. She can defend us anytime

Manders: Her sword wielding scenes are so niiiiiice. I really wish there were more scenes where Valkyrie and Hera fought each other. That would have been really great. Stares off into the distance forever

Tricialicious: OMG right Manders?! I swear I had to pick my jaw right off the floor and tape it shut when those scenes came on! They're as fierce as they are elegant. Their strength is found in their control and poise, as well as their brutal power. Ugh, I just…Ugh! bites knuckle

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on December 5, 2017

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