Geek Girl Crush Corner: Sonequa Martin-Green

Welcome back to Geek Girl Crush Corner, where Manders and Tricialicious swoon over hot geeky ladies and fill you in on why they're awesome! Today, we're talking about Sonequa Martin-Green, the first officer on Star Trek: Discovery, and also of our hearts. She's gorgeous, is going to kick ass in space, and has a lead role on the new series. Here are five reasons why we're crushing so hard right now, and super pumped about this show!

1: Have we mentioned that we love women in uniform?

Manders: OK, OK. I know that I've said this several times, but I really can't help it. She's just so purdy, and adding a Federation uniform? I approve. I've been waiting for a female Star Trek lead to gush over since Janeway, so I'm excited.

Tricialicious: Yes! I'm glad her uniform is the same as the dudes who came before her. I get so tired of seeing uniforms accentuating a lady's body for sex appeal. Psh, women are beautiful no matter what they wear, and uniforms need to be practical for whatever tasks the character is taking on, not solely as eye candy for the male audience.

2. She's breaking boundaries

Manders: Star Trek has been better (but far from perfect) in terms of giving us a diverse future. It's great to see this new show go further than it had gone before (LOL). And the fact that she is so excited makes it a thousand times better:

"I can see the beauty of it, and I can hope for the impact of it," Martin-Green told EW. "Being the first Black female lead of a Star Trek show. I don't know if I can put it into words how honored I am and how blessed I am to be in this position, at a time such as this."

Tricialicious: Although far from perfect, like you said Manders, Star Trek has always pushed for diversity. I got the chance to go to MoPop when I was in Seattle last, and there was a timeline of Star Trek that displayed how diverse it was depending on the year it was playing. For a show that's explored the final frontier for 51 years, it's always been more inclusive than science fiction and geek culture typically allow, and this new chapter doesn't stop that important trend. Finally! A woman as captain! And as a firm believer of intersectional feminism, a beautiful Black woman is even better! This is huge in a culture that is primarily male and white. I'm pumped.

3. We can't wait to see her take command

Manders: She's going to be a first officer, but I'm sure she'll be giving orders. Sigh. I'd like to serve under her… I mean, I'm sure it will be fun to watch!

Tricialicious: HAHA! Yes, I agree Manders—on both accounts! I'm interested how the show will flesh out her character. It's about time a WOC took charge in a science fiction TV series.

4. She knows how to do the Vulcan salute

Manders: I can't believe I'm going to publicly admit this. But OK, here we go: My name is Manders, and I can't do the Vulcan salute. I've tried taping my fingers together, holding them in position for a while. It just doesn't work and it makes me feel like a bad nerd. But when other people can do it, I get excited and jealous of their skills. Not to mention how cute Sonequa is doing it. Gosh. (Goes to hold her fingers together).

Tricialicious: Don't be too hard on yourself. I'll do it for you. (Winks) Since she was adopted into Spock's family, it's just super tender that she can do the salute. It reflects her pride in being part of such a beautiful culture, and signifies her acceptance in it. (Wipes tear) She's just so lovely!

5. The trailers got us pumped!

Manders: I love anything Star Trek, and I know that Sonequa is going to make it a billion times better. Look, I didn't hate Enterprise, even though I knew it was bad. I have faith that Discovery is going to be a lot better than Enterprise, *and I think the casting has a lot to do with it (sorry, Scott Bakula). Martin-Green was amazing on *The Walking Dead, and I have no doubt that she's going to bring back some of the glory to the Star Trek franchise. Give me all of the ladies that kick ass and take names please!

Tricialicious: The trailer totally made me want to watch the series. As usual in any hero's story, she is called by her mentor character to take the helm and be a leader. She seems hesitant but willing to be captain, like most heroes, so I'm super pumped to see what challenges she will face, if her authority is challenged because she's a woman, and how she deals with that.

We're here, we're queer, and we're super ready for Sonequa and Star Trek: Discovery. Will it live up to the hype? We sure hope so, but we know Martin-Green will shine regardless. See you next time at Geek Girl Crush Corner!

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on September 25, 2017

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