No Capes! Your Weekly Dose Of Super-Powered Fashion!:B*tch Stole Thor's Look Edition

Happy Thorsday all!  To celebrate The God of Thunder and the release of Thor 2: The Dark World (No, not Chris Hemsworth. That's another post), this week's No Capes! covers Thor's most iconic accessory, Mjolnir. But what would the might  of Thor be without his mystical hammer

There's been several marvel supes that has wielded the hammer of legend,which in my book, is fashion no-no. Check out the super powered offenders in this week's, No Capes!  B*tch Stole Thor's Look Edition

Storm- To the outside world the X-Men supreme and Thor practically possesss identical powers, but we know better, as Storm's weather controlling powers are an extension of her mutant abilities. Thor's power stems from Mjolnir, so in short he does not "control the elements", but it'd be foolish to say that he doesn't influence them. In the X-Men annual # 9, Storm is given an imitation Mjolnir by trikster god Loki in an attempt to control her. So we've got a case of counterfeit designer goods here, but admit it boys, Storm looks tres chic in Asgardian gear.
Captain America- Considering that only the "worthy" are holders of Mjolnir, it comes as no surprise that Mr. Rogers got his hand on the hammer. He is the sentinel of Liberty, right?  In the events of Marvel's cross over event, Fear Itself, Steve armed himself with the hammer while Thor had a new weapon created for him in Asgard. But this isn't Captain America's first swing at the hammer, as he's wielded it before in a guest appearance arc of Thor issue #390.
Red Hulk- Ok, technically Red Hulk did not "wield" the hammer, but instead grabbed Thor's arm and catapulted the two of them into zero gravity. Nice one Rulk!  He may not have directly wielded Mjolnir, but he did wield the hand that wielded Mjolnir. The lesson of the story here, if it's the last piece of Prada at the sample sale, dont, let, go!
Beta Ray Bill- In Thor issue #337, alien Beta Ray Bill is introduced as an adversary, beating the Asguardian pulp out of Thor. The horseface Korbonite is as strong and brave as the God of Thunder-- possibly even stronger. In time Bill became an ally to Thor, and eventually received a hammer of his own called Stormbreaker.  Did Thor start a trend, here?
Rogue- In What If Vol. 2 #66, the mutant southern belle essentially drains Thor of all of his life force, therefore "becoming" the God of Thunder. Rogue is a repeat offender of power theft, so are we at all surprised by this? Nevertheless she looks incredible. 
Who do you think wins the best look here? Is it the original wielder, Thor? Or do we think another supe rocked it better? Sound off in the comments below.
on November 7, 2013