No Capes! Your Weekly Dose Of Super-Powered Fashion!: Marvel NOW Makeovers

Change isn't always a welcomed thing when it comes to superhero fashion. I'm sure no one looks back fondly on Wonder Woman's 2010 pant and jacket ensemble. However, sometimes hitting the reset button on an outdated look elevates the hero to a modern and sometimes god-like status. Henry Caville's Superman, anyone?  Seriously, is that even a question?

Marvel NOW has revelaed two new looks for two heavy hitters in the Marvel-verse. The first being, the first family of the marvel landscape in brand new red and black duds. It's about time oddball family has received a proper updated look. The last all white (Future Foundation) look wasn't well received amongst the fans, and was a peculiar choice for the Marvel scope at the time. We don't know much about the new Fantasic Four issue #1, except it's launching Februay 2014 and is going to be a darker arc for the cosmic-powered family.  Thus, the red and black actually works here. Black is always your friend in the world of tights and capes. I'm looking forward to seeing the Fantastic Four  back in action.





In addtion to the Fantastic Four getting new duds and a new series, Wolverine is up for yet another relaunch series in Wolverine #1. There's not a ton of details on this, but I think it's safe to say Marvel has been on Wolverine overload. This new look may be a way to refresh his character, but I'm not a fan of this look. At all. What could be fantastic for Wolverine, is the removal of his association with the traditional gold and black look and trying something completely different and innovative. The gold paneling is a bit much, and this X-design has been rehashed quite a few times. He could use some tips from Emma and Kitty on makeovers, the ladies know their stuff. But, even I must admit, this suit does wonders for that 5"3 body of his.



What do you think? Are you excited about the new Marvel NOW looks? Or, is this a fashion red flag? Sound off in the comment section below.