No Capes! Your Weekly Dose Of Super-Powered Fashion: Halloween Edition!

Superhero costumes can be tricky little buggers, especially in the case of Halloween. There's an access of cheesy Bat-costumes, super padded Iron Man costumes and countless other blasphemies to the superhero universe. So in this Halloween edition of No Capes!, we'll be fleshing out some super hero looks that you SHOULD be wearing, like Marvel's newest baddie, Angela! Here are 6 supes you should consider for Next Halloween.




1. Steve Rogers: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D- Now I'm sure you and I both have see an eyeful of horribly executed Captain America costumes on Halloween. This AoS gear is chic (devoided of the lumpy Captain America look), reminiscent of 70's/80's classic spy gear and a much needed lack of stars and stripes. In short, it's the Captain at his sexiest. 


2.Red Hood- By far one my favorite incarnations of  the Robins, Red Hood is another understated but well executed look for a  costume choice. The hood, the leather bomber and the non-gimmicky utility belt makes this modern day vigilante an incredibly stylish rogue. 


3. Wiccan- Our favorite queer Young Avenger deserves some Halloween love, too! The super-powered hipster brings some fun and charisma to the world of capes and tights. And if you work your charms right, you too can have a strapping Hulkling at your side.



4. Magik (Marvel Now)- Illyana's current semi-dominatrix look has to be one of my faves in the Marvel Now costume change. All black is good. Especially when you need stealth in Mephisto's Realm. And let's not forget that massive soul sword and those fantastic bangs.



5. Wonder Woman (Superman Red Son)- Now Diana can be a tricky one to pull off, but I'd like to think this Superman Red Sun   (An alternate story line in which Superman lands in the Soviet Union instead of Smallville, Kansas )iteration is sucky-proof. The usual star bangled banner look is reduced to a simple warrior's look that opts for an overall darker color pallete, allowing Diana to do what she does best, sword slashing and hair flipping.


6. Angela- Marvel's newest baddie that hails from the Neil Gaiman "Spawn" era, is another one of my recent faves. This costume is the "strong female character" amplified times twenty. It's Zena meets Red Sonya, in angelic bounty hunter realness. And lets be honest, who doesn't want to wear an armored gold bra for Halloween?