No Capes! Your Weekly Dose Of Super-Powered Fashion!: Diana & Clark Cover Duty

I think I can safely say, I am one among many who appreciates the look of a good editorial spread and furthermore a fantastic cover. (Hello September issues!) And admittedly we only expect these high fashion looks in books such as Elle, Vogue and W, but the world of comics has a lot to offer in the cover/spread department. Take the newest issue of Superman/Wonder Woman for example. 




Wowza! Talk about super-powered chic! A topless, tasteful cosmic- set shoot. Diana gives spectacular face and poses as if her Amazonian garb are took place in the latest Carolina Herrera presentation. And by Hera's throne, can we discuss Diana's anti-gravity locks just doing their thing in space? Is her hair (and mascara) seriously that flawless in the cosmos?  Then there's Mr. Kent, giving us man-accessory action. Superman's New 52 look has never looked better. I'm not sure if this is a standard kryptonian 12-pack, but whatever the case may be, Clark looks smashing. This cover is befitting for DC's royal power-house couple. Guillem March certainly knocked this variant cover art out of the park.  


What say you geek nation? How do we feel about March's fun new cover for issue #3 Superman/Wonder Woman? 


on December 13, 2013