No Capes! Your Weekly Dose Of Super-Powered Fashion! Arrow Wins Best Dressed

Quite often, we see superheroes brought to life on the silver and big screens, and the execution of that supe can be just plain awful. Wether it be the actors performance, or the costume (primarily the costume in this case), fan boys and gals have had their share of disappointment. So I got to thinking, what live actions superheroes ARE spot on? Who looks great thwarting bad guys in all their capes and tight glory? Well, after watching last night's episode of Arrow, I've come to the conclusion that he's one of the best executed supes we've see on TV in quite some time. Here's Why:


1.Green- Green is a bold color. Ask She-Hulk about the trials of matching her morning cosmetics with that jade complected skin. Ollie pulls of this shade of hunter green well.  Not to mention there's no gimmick here - no bright colors, just Ollie being the awesome vigilante that he is, in the flawless fall shade of hunter green.


2. Designer Appeal- Has anyone paid attention to the detailing of Oliver's suit. This Rick Owens, Givenchy,  Jil Sander inspired hood and fitted leather pants? The look is just one shot away from being nabbed by Kanye, and in this case it's a good thing! The hood is modern, and despite the stylish appeal of the duds, this outfit is purely utilitarian, and in a realistic setting like CW's Starling City, this is perfect. 


3.Body - If you haven't noticed, pecs and bulging biceps are every supes best accessory (with the exception of Wonder Woman's fabulous lasso). And Ollie definitely fits the mold. Can we get enough of seeing him shirtless? Pssh! Of course not! He fills out the green leather quite well.

4. Civilian Ollie- Like his batty teammate, Bruce, Oliver maintains a pretty stylish civilian look. Three piece suits, polished wing-tip oxfords, silk knit ties all suitable for wining and dining Starling City's elite. Lets not forget that under that emerald hood lies one of the wealthiest men in the DC universe. 


5. Femme Fatales- Stephen Amell isn't the only one housing great looks. Felicity looks flawless (someone got a bigger budget)  and Black Canary has proved on her little time on the show that a woman in black armed with a sonic omitter is not to be trifled with. Isabel Rachev, Oliver's fellow board member/on and off flame brings another powerful, yet incredibly styled woman to the forefront of the show. It's no wonder Ollie has lady problems.


Images: CW

on December 5, 2013