No Capes! Your Weekly Dose Of Super-Powered Fashion!

I have an affinity for two things in life: geek culture, and the fashion industry. Now admittedly I will say these two ends of the spectrum rarely  join in union. However they are apparent in each other's life. The Game of Thrones inspired Helmut Lang line, or Tim Gunn's partnership with MARVEL serves as great examples.
The evolution of the superhero can be visibly noted with the iconic uniforms we see daily on the comic book panels. So every week, I'll show you some of the best looks in superhero fashion. And you know what we say about superhero fashion, "One day you're in, the next day you're out." (I'm looking at you Elektra.)
This year marks the 50th birthday for the "Children of the Atom". To celebrate, legends Chris Claremont, Stan Lee and a slew of other key creators in X-history regrouped to create an all new continuity comic book.
The one-off features beautiful cover art by the amazing Olivier Coipel (House of M, AvX) showcasing the group of mutants in each of their prime era costumes.
Each look embodies a key era in the X-lore, and since this is superhero fashion, we'll take a closer look at this cover, and the gamut of X-costumes here.
Jean Grey- This hood, the flowing red locks and those handy utility pockets on the leg makes for  one of the most iconic  90's X-uniforms, with the exception on the phoenix. We should note that the uniform was perfectly equipped for Jean's multiple fainting spells in the 90's. 
Cyclops-  Scott is true to boy scout form in the lumpy first edition uniform for the X-men. Unfortunately this does little for Scott's prepubescent body, but luckily that's what  the 90's Cyclops costume is for. Lets hope Jean didn't hear that.
Storm- The front and center X-diva dons this look after the return of her weather controlling abilities. Note the cape and lack of cloud colored locks for dramatic flair.
Shadow Cat- The rainbow leg warmers, the 80's-centric blouses and the big hair.  Not to mention she has the hottest accesory right now, a pet dragon. Khaleesi approves.  
Wolverine- In total bear gear circa "The Days of Future Past." It seems no matter what age he is, Wolverine remains to be the X-Men's hottest DILF.
Jubilee- There's no excuse to continuously wear this yellow raincoat for 10 + years, when you've got a walking weather machine on your team. Get it together Jubes! 
Angel- Blonde hair, wings, and latex. Perfection. Are we done here? 
Gambit- Gambit without his recognizable trench? Isn't that like sacrilegious? Either way the Ragin Cajun has awesome hair.
Bishop- And the category is, Time Traveling Mutant realness. 10's across the board, right?