No Capes! Wearing Your Game of Thrones Fandom


When it comes to geeky apparel, there's an endless ocean of printed tees dedicated to fierce fan bases, and since we've been holding our breaths half-way through the current season of Game of Thrones (last Sunday's episode nearly slayed me) it might be about time to show some undying loyalty to your favorite houses. Keeping all things chic on the geek spectrum, we've gathered some of the best pieces in the realm to show off Westerosi sportsmanship.





Video Game of ThronesBecause such a game doesn't exist (yet!), you'll just have to enjoy the magic of 8-bit GoT character in tee shirt form. Could you imagine the fatalities on this if it did?! Dany+3 dragons = well you do the math.






Mike Wrobel -90's Jon Snow - Jon may not know much, but he damn sure knows how to make a guy (or gal) swoon wether it be by his mad sword swinging skills on the show, or by those Stark/bastard eyes on this Mike Wrobel tee. He's the most huggable bastard in Westeros. Admit it.




Red Bubble God Save The QueenBecause as much as you love to hate her, where would this show be without her onslaught of fabulous gowns and shady one-liners?




Skreened Keep Calm & Hodor TeeHow could you not love this tee?  Hodor is obviously synonymous with chic, and practically everything else, but that's a minor detail.



Red Wedding Tee - It's hard to think there's a soul out there who is a fan of the soul crushing event known as the "Red Wedding", but if you don't mind frequent side eyes and are fan of the Freys (*sideye* Sorry I couldn't help it.) then this may be the tee for you.



Black Milk- Iron Throne Reversible Skater Dress Everyone knows that the most badass of GoT characters are the ladies: Cersei, Arya Khaleesi all in some way vying for the Iron Throne. So if wearing a dress showcasing Westeros's most prized posession doesn't make you Queen, well just take what's yours with fire and blood - or maybe just this dress and a sexy pair of pumps.