No Capes! Valentine's Swoon Edition

Cupid and that pesky arrow (No, not the Canadian Adonis, Stephen Amell's ) of his are causing mischief per usual - which means Valentine's Day has finally caught up with us. If you're  a fabulous, single geek like myself, is should come as no surprise that I have fictional swoon indulgences. But the primary difference here, is that in addition to the hero himself, I find myself drooling over the gear. That's right, the gear. Tights, capes, shirtlessness and weapons. I love em all.
Here's some swoon worthy supes on the big and silver screen. 
Name: Micheal Fassbender
Alias: Magneto/ Master of Magnetism 
No Capes Swoon Factor: Lets take a moment to be honest here- A purple armored suit, M-shaped helmet and a cape is not the definition of sexy, but leave it to good ol' Fassy to leave you begging for more magnetic still shots from his latest, X-Men: Days of Future Past.  The modern approach to the color and fit of Mags new duds (Muscles bulging in plum-colored spandex anyone?) is certainly a step in the right direction. I think I'm ready for some metal-bending now.
Name: Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Max & Charlie Carver
Alias: Teen Wolf Clan
No Capes Swoon Factor: If you're not part of the Teen Wolf pack, you're seriously missing out. With an abundance of bromance, shirtlessness, good mythos and compelling story arcs, the MTV hit deserves to be on your que. Now where does wardrobing come into play here? Well, it's the lack of it that has these gents "nominated", not to mention their queer friendly plots. But if there's anyone who knows how to fill out a henley, it's a werewolf, right?  Qeu wolf howl.
Name: Nikolaj Coster
Alias: Jaime Lannister
No Capes Swoon Factor: The GoT roster is filled with swoon worthy gents, albeit most of them have passed (Damn you George!) But Jaime deserves some recognition as we see some drastic changes for him in season four. The first being the new chopped and cropped do', which looks fantastic! He's officially out of the "Shrek Prince Charming" stage, maturing him into a fine and strapping Lannister. (Yes, Lannister's can be strapping!) The second being his new golden hand. That may not be a swoon factor for some, but if you're a gold digger and prefer a non-handsy approach, then voila!

Name: Anthony Mackie
Alias: The Falcon
No Capes Swoon Factor: Wings! No, seriously. Metal, jetpack-like wings sounds like an 80's sci-fi nightmare, but Mackie pulls them off, dare I say it, effortlessly in the new Winter Soldier trailer. And there's not too many who could hold their own against the baffling beauty known as Chris Evans. Seeing the new dynamic duo together on the big screen may or may not evoke fan-boy squeals. Anyone feeling patriotic all of the sudden? 

Name: Grant Gustin
Alias: The Flash
No Capes Swoon Factor: Now I know what you're thinking. "We haven't even seen this kid in the official Flash costume yet." And that's absolutely true, but isn't thats part of the beauty of it? He was certainly charming, and quite stylish with his arsenal of Warby Parker frames and cardigans on his debut of Arrow. So time will reveal all, but in the meantime recap with Grant's episode of Arrow and swoon with me.