No Capes! Marvel Supes Go 'Under The Gunn'


Excelsior! Hulk Smash! Make it Work? The latter may be a bit of a curve ball to geek nation, but the fashion fiends of the world recognize it as Tim  Gunn's trademarked catchphrase. Tim Gunn, superheroes...where are we going here?  On Tim's show Under the Gunn (a Project Runway spin-off), the 4 remaining designers are up for a Marvel Comics challenge, guest judged by Jamie Alexander (Lady Sif) !  But this isn't Tim Gun's first run in with Marvel, as he had his own mini-series, Model Inc in 2009, where he even made an appearance in the Mark IV suit. 

The designers were charged with making four unique looks (NOT costumes!) inspired Hawkeye, Gamora, Falcon and Ms. Marvel.
Gamora- The runway pictures doesn't do this look justice. The cloak was exceptionally made with touches of modern and just a general bad assery inspired by the universe's deadliest assassin. The suit underneath was a bit on the wild side, but overall the look was criminal in the best of ways.
Falcon- Probably the most literal interpretation of the looks, the silk top gives a flowey iridescent feel, like Falcon's wings- but balances itself out with the aggression of the leather pant, a definite nod to his military background. I'm a fan of the overall look.
Hawkeye- Another look on the literal side of things, the outfit is a bit more festive than I'd like. The pants are chic, but the top would serve better as a marker for target practice. But Sam (the designer) gets extra points for creativity!
Ms Marvel- I actually find this this look chic and slightly aggressive, but I don't get a ton of Carol Danvers influence. The army fatigue print is a discreet nod, but other than that this outfit doesn't excite me. In other words, there's a lack of marvel in this Ms. Marvel look.
What do you guys think of the designer's take on superheroes?