No Capes! Grant Gustin Flashes Us!


Flash fans rejoice! Your first look at Grant Gustin's Flash costume is here!   Being that I always look at supes through a fashion lens, I'd have to admit I'm actually impressed. One of the issues that fan boys and gals alike face is the lack of synchronization between comic book heroes and their on screen counterparts. Sometimes the adjustment is necessary. Take the first X-Men film. Understandably so, our favorite band of merry mutants would have had a rather difficult time taking Ellis Island by surprise with bright yellow and blue looks. Though, this doesn't excuse Halle's awful wig choices.


Arrow has helped set a healthy bar on superhero wardrobing for the silver screen. His look is modern, utilitarian and respectfully pays homage to his comic book counterpart. Obviously Grant's look isn't the bright red we've seen from the Flash is countless forms, but is an oxblood and gold. Both are considerably modern colors and are on par with fashion's latest (not that Berry would ever have a vested interest in this). The perforated leather adds a nice touch. (aka I'd buy this at a Rick Owen's sample sale if I saw it.)  

The helmet seems to well constructed, but I could probably do without the black paneling on the front. I suppose my only critique would be the fit could be a smidge tighter, but who am I kidding? I think everything should be tight.





on March 12, 2014