That Time When The Doctor and Luke Ramsey Got It On

In early 2011, a made-for-BBC-television film based on Christopher Isherwood's memoir, Christopher and His Kind, was broadcasted with Matt Smith (Doctor Who) in the title role. It depitcs the life and experiences of Isherwood during the 1930s in sexually liberated Weimar, Berlin (side note: for more on Weimar during this era, in addition to Isherwood's novels, I highly recommend the documentary, Legendary Sin Cities).

Viewers and fans of the latest American Horror Story chapter, Coven, will also recognize twink-next-door, Luke Ramsey (Alexander Dreymon), opposite Matt Smith's character in several salacious scenes. Dreymon plays a character whose archetype was not only common, but less stigmatized in Weimar... the gay hustler.

If you are one of those folks who fast-forwards through a legitimate film in order to get to the "dirty bits" (no judgment), feel free to click here or here (skip to the 7:57 mark) and enjoy.

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on November 7, 2013

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