"Diane, it's July 29th and the 'Twin Peaks' Blu-ray set is finally here."

Break out the party hats and celebrate like your soapsock-wielding husband has been rendered catatonic. The Twin Peaks Blu-ray box set has an official release date!

While originally speculated to be released at the end of March 2014 to coincide with the "I'll see you again in 25 years later" statement uttered by Laura Palmer, we can now confirm that Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery will finally be granted a night off from One Eyed Jack's on July 29th, 2014. David Lynch, himself, oversaw the Blu-ray project and, in addition to remastered transfers of the series' two seasons, the set will include the prequel movie, Fire Walk With Me, and roughly 90 minutes of deleted/alternate footage from the film.

Yes, fans, the long-lost footage that we've been clamoring for is finally about to see the light of day!

In a press statement, David Lynch had the following to say: “During the last days in the life of Laura Palmer many things happened, which have never been seen before. They’re here now alongside the new transfer of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and Twin Peaks, the television series.”

EW shared an exclusive trailer featuring clips from the Fire Walk With Me deleted scenes... 

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"I'll See You Again in 25 Years."

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