Agent Carter Season 2 Preview!

Agent Carter is back! Our favorite spy is back in action for season two in January! Here's the first preview! 


From the official Marvel season two description: 

In the next season of "Marvel's Agent Carter," Peggy (Hayley Atwell) heads out west to the City of Angels for a whole new batch of adventure and excitement! Don't worry, Jarvis (James D'Arcy) and Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) both come along for the ride to help Peggy tackle whatever challenges come next. Get a taste of the action in the preview above!

Exciting things from the preview (and other season 2 sources): 

  • A new (fabulous) hat to swoon over!
  • The sunglasses are back!
  • A whole new wardrobe to drool over! 
  • Jarvis, Sousa and Peggy having adventures in L.A.!
  • New love interest (who is NOT one of the sexist douches Peggy works with)!
  • We get to meet Anna Jarvis who is descdribed as a "free spirit" in counterpoint to her adorably British and fussy husband. 

My Worries/Apprehension/Annoyances:

I am still annoyed that her love interest is not Howling Commando Gabe Jones (it's CANON!), but I am glad they are at least keeping him black. That said, I hope the love plot is not going to be a HUGE thing that takes up a lot of screen time. Agent Carter is a short season series and I do not want to spend precious time on a love story that takes away from spying, laying the groundwork for SHIELD and securing Peggy's legacy. I also hope that the show does not gloss over the racism this guy experiences, especially if he is going to be pursuing Peggy (EVERYONE would notice a more-than-friendly relationship between a black man and a white woman in America in 1947).

I really want to know the reason for the lack of Angie this season. I know that not everyone loved the character, for sure some found her to be annoying (personally, I thought Lydnsy Fonseca was funny and adorable in the role), but it seems odd that aspiring actress Angie Martinelli wouldn't jump at the chance to follow her bestie to L.A. in the golden age of Hollywood. 

I know Dominic Cooper is busy, but I am going to be really sad if we don't see Howard at least a couple of times this season. 

Let us know: How excited for season 2 of Agent Carter are you? 

This is me: 


Agent Carter comes back January 2, 2016 on ABC. 


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