The Winter Soldier is Coming

Last night, during what I believe was the season finale of Football, audiences everywhere were treated to a new trailer for Marvel Enterntainment's Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  Watch it here, if you haven't seen it yet.

(If you hear a low wailing sound, don't panic-that's just me in the distance, falling apart).

The epic trailer has plenty of fodder to hold us over until April 4th, including but not limited to this screenshot of Chris Evans bending over a desk.

Captain America tells us, in a quick voice over, that he "joined SHIELD to protect people."  This might mean that he is beginning to doubt SHIELD's capacity to protect the common man; for viewers, it spells out a darker look at SHIELD.  While the trailer focuses heavily on action and explosions, there is a darker undercurrent to it, telling us that no one is what they seem, SHIELD included.  Cap has always been a beacon of shiny justice, and it will be interesting to see how he deals with grey zones, from SHIELD to the Winter Soldier himself.

Speaking of our friend with the metal arm, Sebastian Stan seems to be delivering an emotionally devastating performance as the boyhood friend turned into Soviet weapon.  In one instance, we catch sight of his eyes, and they appear to be red rimmed from crying.

The trailer also promises plenty of badass action from the one and only Black Widow, who trained under (and has been romantically involved with) the Winter Soldier in comic canon.  I'm excited to see how their relationship plays out in the MCU, and I'm also excited to see Natasha punch people in the face.  Really, everyone wins.

Other cameos include our pal Nick Fury, director of SHIELD and definite grey area; Sam Wilson aka Falcon, who runs along Cap and asks, "which ones are the bad guys?"; and Sharon Carter, on again off again love interest of the Cap.  In comic canon, Sharon is something of a cynic, representing the darker side of American conquest to Cap's lighter side.

Captain America: Winter Soldier is shaping up to be a heart wrenching, action packed joy ride of patriotism, loyalty, and Natasha Romanoff being better than your faves; if I'm not crying about it I'm counting down the days until April 4th.  Most of the time, I'm doing both.  I hope you're prepared for this film, because I know I'm not!