Where's Gamora?

Readers, if some of you might be wondering: what’s the current state of the gender binary?  Is it still being protected from the horrible clutches of the gay agenda? Well don’t fear friends, the Mary Sue is reporting that clothing retailer The Children’s Place is protecting the interests of children that may wade into the wrong side of the spectrum. 


Recently, twitter user @kristenrapp sent an email to the retailer asking why Gamora was excluded from their Guardians of the Galaxy tee shirt.  Here's their response. 

The Children’s Place is sending a twofold message, here: first, they want to let all parents know that letting your boy wear a shirt with a girl character anywhere on it is a gateway to hedonism and gayness.  Second, if your little girl wants to buy superhero clothes, she should be strictly reminded that superheroes aren’t for girls.  As a bonus, The Children’s Place is also reminding parents that girls and boys should stick to their own separate clothing sections, lest they want to live their lives in the horrible wastelands of the gender-neutral zone.


I’m not really sure why retailers keep insisting that female characters on male merchandise will destroy young boys, or the state of our nation, or something.  Merchandise directed at girls still prominently features male heroes, such as those ‘I Only Date Men In Uniform’ tee shirts that will usually feature the most prominent male heroes of whichever comics giant you’re buying the shirt from.  Even teen/adult retailers, such as Hot Topic, carry plenty of Batman and Superman apparel for females, and seemingly no Wonder Woman stuff for males.  


This isn’t a problem that started with The Children’s Place, and it’s certainly not going to end with them, either.  However, just because this seems to be a problem that a majority of retailers have doesn’t mean that it’s not a problem.  If #wewantleia can see success, then why not keep going?  Female superheroes exist, and I promise that including them in the superhero line-up will not sink the gender binary.


Making a whole movie of female heroes might, though.  But that’s another story.