Way Shway

Am I the only one that had a major fictional character crush on Terry McGiniss?  Because I really don't think I was.  Terry was sarcastic, handsome, and voiced by the charming Will Friedle.  Batman Beyond ran from 1999-2001, and Terry McGiniss made a few guest appearances in Justice League: Unlimited.  His last animated appearance was in the 2005 JLU episode titled "Epilogue."

Until now, that is.

Terry lovers rejoice; Darwyn Cooke has released a new short in celebration of Batman's 75th birthday.  Watch it here on IGN.  The short lasts one minute and ninteen seconds, and features Terry beating up a Batman robot as Bruce Wayne (voiced by Kevin Conroy, of course) yells orders, just like old times. After defeating the robot, Terry tells him "sorry pal, but you're history," a clever way to introduce the end of the clip, which features Terry and Bruce facing off against seven historical Batman doplegangers.  

Among the robots are Brave and the Bold Batman, 60s Batman, and Bob Kane Batman. 

For more Terry, pick up Batman Beyond: Unlimited, a monthly comic that continues the adventures of the animated series.

on April 21, 2014