Queerness Comes to The 100

There’s a lot to process in this new clip from tomorrow’s The 100.  Posted exclusively to IGN, the clip, called “Mourning the Dead,” focuses on a discussion between Clarke and Grounder troop leader Lexa.

So let’s talk about a couple of things.  First, what in the Northern Water Tribe is the Ice Nation?  Are we going to see them?  We keep getting Grounder factions left and right with little to explanation.  And while it makes sense that there would be more than just the Virginia/DC Grounders, I wonder if we’ll ever get a full history of the people that survived a nuclear apocalypse.

Oh, and one other huge thing: Lexa is now confirmed as queer.  She speaks of losing the person she loved, a girl named Costia (Kostia?)  While this speech ultimately seeks to prove that Lexa views love as weakness, it’s important to note that this gives The 100 it’s first confirmed queer character.  Lexa joins the ranks of other queer female characters on the CW network, most notably Nyssa al Ghul and the late Sara Lance.  

We have to give credit to the writers of The 100, not only for writing such a fresh, intelligent show, but also for seamlessly weaving queerness into their narrative.  I would also like to applaud the CW network execs for not stifling queer content on their network.  They also seem to be fine with creating queer characters that have actual, non-sexual orientation related narratives.  This shouldn't be a huge deal in 2015, but we have to acknoledge that it still is.  Major kudos to The 100, here.  I'm interested to see if Lexa will get a new romantic storyline with one of the other female characters.

I'm also hoping tomorrow night doesn't go 'tragic queer' and kill of Lexa by the end of the episode.  If it does, though, I'll be sure to let everyone know.