Legends in Review S01E05: Vorestravaganza

DISCLAIMER: Comments made by podcasters do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Geeks OUT, its board, or its editorial staff. The Legends in Review podcast is an unfiltered, unedited conversation between queer nerds whose rhetoric is sometimes aggressive and whose humor is occasionally offensive. Listener discretion is advised.

So you'd think a podcast episode with this title would be pretty wacky and wild, but tread carefully, friends. This week's episode actually deals with some very heavy topics, like forcible closeting, lesbophobia, and making queer-coded relationships abusive. And I mean, there are vore jokes, but you should know what you signed up for.

Tired of podcasters trying to deepthroat Stephen Amell? Then listen to Legends in Review, featuring the only two podcasters (Rachel- she/hers, Ari- they/theirs) with enough brains in their heads to know that boy is boner poison. It's a funny joke! God, this episode is so fucking heavy.

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