Legends in Review S01E01: Camelot Slash Three Thousand

DISCLAIMER: Comments made by podcasters do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Geeks OUT, its board, or its editorial staff. The Legends in Review podcast is an unfiltered, unedited conversation between queer nerds whose rhetoric is sometimes aggressive and whose humor is occasionally offensive. Listener discretion is advised.

Exciting news for exactly three people! Your two favorite queer people—me, Rachel Greeman, your beloved bisexual, and Ari, your beloved nonbinary bisexual—have come together to make an inappropriate podcast that reviews DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and covers such exciting topics as plot holes, misuse of the special effects budget, and a whole lot of talk about queerness in the DCTV universe.

For this week, there will be a new episode a day, to get everyone caught up to the most recent episode review, which will be posted Thursday. In episode 1, we cover such great topics as this show's mishandling and sexualization of bisexuality, and that time Stephen Amell signed a legally binding contract barring any character from being nonbinary on the CW. Or at least, attempted to sign it.

If you're tired of all those other DCTV podcasts with Wrong Opinions™, listen to the only program that Correctly talks about DCTV: Legends in Review.


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