Headcanon is Not Canon

Readers, I need to be cynical with you for a moment.

In the wake of SDCC, we need to take a look at Marvel's track record with queerness.  And I don't mean in the comics, though that's a discussion that is and should be ongoing.  I'm talking about the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Back when Agent Carter was airing, I did a special Agents of SHADE discussing that the first same-sex kiss in AC was between a brainwashed Russian spy and an unwitting Peggy Carter.  So forward thinking, Marvel!  So with the times!  I'm being sarcastic.  The kiss was a gimmick.  And as we've seen not just with this but with Agents of SHIELD, Marvel loves its 'evil lesbian' trope.  What better shorthand to show a woman has mysterious, evil motives?  You got me there, Marvel!

Now, on a lighter note, GeeksOut's own ScifiFreak35 did a lovely write up about Hayley Atwell and Cartinelli.  Cartinelli, for those of you who don't know, is the ship of Peggy Carter and her super close gal-pal Angie Martinelli.  It's a great ship!  I'm glad Hayley likes it.  And the point I'm trying to make here is ultimately not the fault of the actors involved.

As someone pointed out at SDCC, it's actually very important that Hayley Atwell shows support for Cartinelli, instead of writing it off as a 'crack' ship.  The same goes for Chloe Bennet and Skimmons. However, treating these non-canon ships like they're boons for the queer community is a mistake. And I wish I didn't have to remind people why.

There have only ever been two confirmed, canonically queer women in the MCU.  Victoria Hand and her girlfriend, Isabelle Hartley.  And they are both dead.  We got about two hints that Isabelle and Victoria were ever a thing.  And showrunner Maurissa Tancharoen has said, on record, that they never said Tori or Izy were lesbians out loud because they "didn't want to be known as the show that killed to lesbians."

Which begs the question: Are you stupid, or do you just think that we are?

And listen.  I get it.  Victoria and Isabelle got very little screen time.  But given that episode 1x17 of Agents of SHIELD was entirely focused on making Tori appear as an evil lesbian, and given that they specifically cast queer-girl icon Lucy Lawless as Isabelle, we need to call a spade a spade.

The canon MCU, as of right now, is not queer-friendly.  This isn't Chloe Bennet's fault.  This isn't Hayley Atwell's fault.  But cooing over their statements while ignoring the actual track record of the MCU is exactly what Marvel wants.  They want to appear to be pro-LGBTQ+ without ever having to lay down the groundwork.  They want headcanon and shipping to show how forward thinking they are.

And guess what?  They're not forward thinking.  They're disgusting.  They're killing us, and they're hoping we forget.

So don't forget Marvel's record, reader.  Hold them accountable.  And if they actually decide to make a queer ship canon, then we can revisit this discussion.  But as of right now, every canonically queer person in the MCU is dead.