Gamer Girl and Vixen Have a KickStarter!

Gear up and get ready for a heist as Gamer Girl & Vixen jumps into action!  Written by Kristi McDowell and Sean Ian Mills, with art by Gemma Moody, Gamer Girl & Vixen follows Bianca Crowley, a closeted lesbian living under the thumb of her domineering mother.  But through some good old costumed crime (think Selina Kyle,) she's finding the strength to come out and live her life on her own terms.

Joining Bianca is her co-protagonist and major crush, Liz Jaczynski, aka Gamer Girl.  So how do the two girls work together?  Well, according to the Kickstarter:

"Gamer Girl inspires Bianca to create her own costumed identity, and Bianca inspires Gamer Girl to try something a bit more nefarious with her powers. Together, Gamer Girl and Vixen launch a crime wave the likes of which New York has never seen! And everything is fun and shenanigans until real feelings start to make things complicated, as they so often do."

The Kickstarter has raised $5,727 of the $6,750 goal, and has 11 days left to go.  Check out the Kickstarter here!


on June 3, 2015