Flame Con Draws to a Close!

Greetings,  friends! This very tired reporter couldn't have better news! As GeeksOut's first-ever Flame Con comes to an end, and our lovely con-goers filter out, we are happy to report a great success! 


- The beautiful Grand Prospect Hall served as the perfect hostess for our fair convention!  Vendors and attendees alike gushed over the versatile and uniqueness of the space.

- Many vendors reported a healthy amount of sales! We love to see our friends and fans supporting artists and writers alike, especially within the queer community!

- Panels were packed! Panels such as "A Queer Reading of Sherlock Holmes" and "Designing X-Women" drew big, enthusiastic crowds!

- I may be a bit biased, but the cosplay contest was smash and everyone who participated is amaxing!

- Flamey! 



- There were none, everything went perfectly,  don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


See you for Flame Con 2!

on June 13, 2015