Flame Con: From the Cosplay Contest!

As mentioned in our "Coming to a Close Post," this year's Flame Con saw its first Cosplay Contest! I was priviledged enough to be a judge on our Cosplay Panel, along with Tony Ray, Tea Fougner, Adam Guerino, and Miss Avant Garbage.  Hosted by our beloved Flamey, the cosplay contest didn't feature all of the Flame Con cosplays, but a pretty decent number, even so.   My hope for next year is that we get more contestants! I saw some really great people in the audience!  Come up on stage next time and strut your stuff! I promise we don't bite.

I think.

For those of you that did come up: you did an excellent job! The theme of this Costume Contest, and probably most future Flame Con pageants, was our favorite: crossplay!  We saw lots of lovely pokemon, video game characters, sexy interpretations of video game characters, and more!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get many photos on my own, but there will be much more photo-friendly cosplay articles in the future.  For now, check out some of the photos I managed to get on my (very slow) tablet!