Finn and Charlie Have a KickStarter

The webcomic "Finn and Charlie Are Hitched" is coming to print; or hopefully will be, with the help of KickStarter.  The project, written and drawn by Tony Breed, will be released in print under the title "Everyone Is Someone's Fetish."  The book will be in full color.

"Finn and Charlie Are Hitched" follows the story of the titular couple, Finn and Charlie.  The long-married couple deals with everyday occurances through their relationship with each other and their colorful cast of friends.  As Breed write on the official comic website,, Finn and Charlie "are the eponymous heroes of this comic. A misanthrope and a goofball, respectively."

The KickStarter page is here, with the pledge goal being set at $3,800.  Breed promises that "the comics are all already drawn and scanned," and that he "[doen't] see any reason that [the project] can't be completed in time." So far, "Everyone Is Someone's Fetish," has raised $2,477, and has 65 backers.  The pledge ends at 12:00 EST on February 26th.


on February 10, 2014