Deborah Ann Woll Joins the Daredevil Mini-Series

If you've been reading my True Blood recaps, titled "The Last Drop," let me just say: I'm sorry.  I hope that if you're not turned away by the constant ranting and the bitter, bitter remarks about representation, that you'll notice I'm rather fond of at least a few of the characters.  I mean, I'd have to be, otherwise True Blood would likely drive me to madness, like the Necronomicon or the month of March.

I digress.  One of my True Blood favorites has always been 'babyvamp' Jessica Hamby, who despite a first-love-gone-wrong subplot that the writers could not have handled any worse, manages to still be interesting.  I personally blame Jessica's actress, Deborah Ann Woll, who brings a humanity to an inhuman that has endeared me to her babyvamp character since season one.

So before this post devolves into a love letter to Ms. Woll, I'll just get to the news: The Mary Sue is reporting that Woll has been cast as Karen Page for the Daredevil Miniseries, due to appear on Netflix next year.  Karen Page, secretary at Nelson & Murdock, is unfortunately most well-known for her fridging (ala Women in Refrigerators Syndrome).  Karen was killed by the assassin Bullseye, and thus launched an incredible saga in which all of Matt Murdock's girlfriends somehow end up dead.  

Bullseye has not yet been cast in the mini-series, and there is no word if he will be making an appearance.  The Mary Sue quoted a source as saying this is "the first time the Karen character will be brought to life in a meaningful way."  Perhaps this means the MCU is planning to break the cycle of fridging that remains troublingly prevailent in comics and televison.  Keeping Karen alive would be a bold statement, one that I think more comics could spare to make.

A final thought: my babyvamp did not put up with seven seasons of Bill Compton's bullshit to die for Matt Murdock.  She is too good for that.