Cristy Road Comes to Flame Con!

Exciting news! Artist/author/musician Cristy Road will be coming to Flame Con!  Road has written and drawn the autobiographical work "Indestructable" (2006).  She created the electic series of postcards titled "Absense Makes the Heart Grow Sick" (2007) and is currently working on a series of tarot cards with Michelle Tea and The Homewreckers.  In her bio, Road describes her style as an "unconventional [way] of seeing the world, social justice, queer counterculture, and punk rock," which allows her capture "the beauty of the imperfect."  We look forward to having her join us at Flame Con!

Flame Con is Saturday, June 13th at the Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn, New York.  Buy your tickets here!

on March 31, 2015