Cecil Baldwin and Dylan Marron Are On a Boat

Our first event of the day, a dramatic reading of a scene from the X-Files, went great! Introduced by heads of GeeksOut Joey and Josh with sound effects by Sam, Cecil Baldwin played Mulder as partner in crime Dylan Marron played Scully.

The crowd gathered before the show even began! Check those WTNV cosplayers!

Baldwin and Marron performed the "Queequeg" scene from the X-Files,  in which Scully compares Mulder to Ahab and the 'truth' to the white whale. There is also a duck. 

Many have pointed out to me, post-show, that Cecil and Carlos already have a rather Mulder and Scully-esque relationship.  This scene was all-too fitting!  Thanks for helping make Flame Con great, Cecil and Dylan!

check out more photos of the performance below!