My Five Favorite Game of Thrones Parodies

Well, it's Labor Day and while I'm very thankful for the hard work of unions and the day off, it's a slow morning. What better way to kickstart the afternoon than a trip down the ol' Internet Rabbit Hole and some clips of my favorite TV show?

1. Game of Thrones -- Dynasty Opening

Until there's a Dallas opening, I guess this will have to do.

2. Game of Thrones -- Family Matters Opening

All this needs is a clip of someone nasily intoning, "Did I do that?"

3. Game of Thrones -- Friends Opening

Don't forget to clap along!

4. Game of Thrones -- HBO 1995 Opening

Not my favorite HBO intro, but it does an excellent job of recalling an era of VHS recordings of late night movies.

5. Game of Thrones -- Seinfeld Parody

I wasn't (and still am not) a big Seinfeld fan, but I really dig the laugh track.

h/t YouTube

on September 2, 2013