The Internet's Top 20ish Homophobic Reactions to Skip Ender's Game

Geeks OUT recently launched its Skip Ender's Game campaign, helping to raise awareness about Orson Scott Card's anti-LGBT activism. We're really excited about the press we've gotten in just a few hours, but we're even more thrilled that this has gotten people talking about Card's terrifying views on queers. This being the internet, we've awoken some particularly nasty trolls. Here's a sample of some of the more ludicous reactions we've culled from our email inbox, our Facebook page, and a few other blog posts.




















Sources: Huffington Post Gay Voices, The Wrap, IMDB, Big Hollywood, Facebook

#1 - grammar pet peeve that was committed like five times:  It's  "I COULDN'T care less".  

#2- I'm normally not a supporter of boycotts, but I certainly hope this one works.  It's not because I have any strong feelings about Enders Game (I am a BAD gay geek; before the Superman debacle, I never heard of the book before - I've always more of a D&D gaymer rather than science fic fan), but because I don't like it when people change opinions in what is clearly an unenlightened way.  Look, we can argue all day whether it's right or noble for Obama, Lisa Murkowski, or (clearly) Anthony Kennedy to shift or 'evolve' in favor of gay marriage after other statements in the past, but hey, the first President, Alaskan Republican Senator and Supreme Court Justice to very clearly shift....I'll take it.

And frankly, they explained themselves - they REALIZED they were wrong.  Card, in his flip flop, isn't saying he's wrong - he's conceding that he's going to lose, and just wants mercy (so he can earn money).  It's like the loudmouth in the bar who gets in a fight, and then as he's losing, whines about "why are you hurting me?"

Social patterns suggest this isn't going to be 'Chick Fila Part Deux', where there is going to be a huge outpouring of fundie support to make it significant.  I think the movie will have a semi-respectable box office, but, yeah, that's about it. Card won't get a dime from me.

It is a shame that those above claim to be more enlightened and yet spew hatred through their "more educated" replies. I think the issue that remains is you can CHOOSE to not support someone for their views as much as you can CHOOSE to support someone. Does that deny the quality of work someone has produced? No, but it certainly makes you think again about whether you CHOOSE to support them any further. I CHOOSE not to see the movie for the simple fact that I can CHOOSE not to do so; my reasons are my own. All the others may do as they wish, they will not affect me in any way. Back to designing!

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