The Internet's Top 20ish Homophobic Reactions to Skip Ender's Game

Geeks OUT recently launched its Skip Ender's Game campaign, helping to raise awareness about Orson Scott Card's anti-LGBT activism. We're really excited about the press we've gotten in just a few hours, but we're even more thrilled that this has gotten people talking about Card's terrifying views on queers. This being the internet, we've awoken some particularly nasty trolls. Here's a sample of some of the more ludicous reactions we've culled from our email inbox, our Facebook page, and a few other blog posts.




















Sources: Huffington Post Gay Voices, The Wrap, IMDB, Big Hollywood, Facebook


 on Mon, July 8, 2013

Such complete and utter hypocrisy from these right-wing bigots.  They call the LGBT community Nazis and fascists for wanting to boycott this film yet stand behind One Million Moms (or is that Sarah Palin with 40,000 fake Facebook pages) that call for boycotting anything that is gay-inclusive.  Gee, it's not fascist when it comes from their end is it?

 on Mon, July 8, 2013

Wow, this is some crazy shit - but glad to see these bigots are being exposed to #skipendersgame ! :O

 on Mon, July 8, 2013

I had never heard of the movie before. You can bet I'll be seeing it now!

 on Mon, July 8, 2013

Just wanted to say that just because this website is boycotting the movie doesnt mean that all us gay people feel the same. I am gay but dont think that I need to boycott any movie. I could care less what the guy that made the movie thinks about me or what I do. I do believe that everyone should have their own opinoins just as I do. So all the crazy people that voiced their very ugly hateful opinoins on here remember that please. Also I could say alot of hateful things about the straight community but I don't because I would never steep to some peoples level. Thanks.

 on Mon, July 8, 2013

I'm sorry, but this whole thing is really stupid you guys. I mean sure if the writting reflected his view on gay rights, then sure, this would be a valid argument. But its not. The movie or book has nothing to do with anti-gay sentiment and are mearly punishing the author for his views.

Now I didn't watch the Colden Compass. I could have argued it was because the film had an overall derogatory view towards the Catholic Church, which it does. This is a vaild argument. Yours is a very bigoted argument and is no better then the people you usually fight against.

BTW: The reason for me not watching the Golden Compass was because it was a crappy film.


 on Mon, July 8, 2013

I love how people on the left who express an opinion are labeled as haters and nazis who want to destroy free speech.  That's not destroying free speech, that IS free speech.  Calling attention to other's beliefs: Free speech.  Boycotting something: Free speech.  You know what isn't free speech?  Actually restricting other people's rights.   Actually shutting down people's access to voting or health care.  That's oppression.

 on Tue, July 9, 2013

I just wanted to say that I completely respect Geeks OUT initiative in organizing this campaign.  Seeing those ridiculous posts made me want to register just so I could show my support.  How we choose to spend or not spend our money can make a huge statement.  The arguments that you're "punishing" Card are idiotic.  He's going to make money from this movie. A lot of it.  He's loud and proud of his anti-gay stance.  Card isn't out to make friends and since he doesn't mind pissing off a lot of people with his outspoken views there's nothing wrong with those same people deciding not to support him or his work.  Keep challenging people to think about who they're giving their money to. 

 on Tue, July 9, 2013

#1 - grammar pet peeve that was committed like five times:  It's  "I COULDN'T care less".  

#2- I'm normally not a supporter of boycotts, but I certainly hope this one works.  It's not because I have any strong feelings about Enders Game (I am a BAD gay geek; before the Superman debacle, I never heard of the book before - I've always more of a D&D gaymer rather than science fic fan), but because I don't like it when people change opinions in what is clearly an unenlightened way.  Look, we can argue all day whether it's right or noble for Obama, Lisa Murkowski, or (clearly) Anthony Kennedy to shift or 'evolve' in favor of gay marriage after other statements in the past, but hey, the first President, Alaskan Republican Senator and Supreme Court Justice to very clearly shift....I'll take it.

And frankly, they explained themselves - they REALIZED they were wrong.  Card, in his flip flop, isn't saying he's wrong - he's conceding that he's going to lose, and just wants mercy (so he can earn money).  It's like the loudmouth in the bar who gets in a fight, and then as he's losing, whines about "why are you hurting me?"

Social patterns suggest this isn't going to be 'Chick Fila Part Deux', where there is going to be a huge outpouring of fundie support to make it significant.  I think the movie will have a semi-respectable box office, but, yeah, that's about it. Card won't get a dime from me.

 on Tue, July 9, 2013

It is a shame that those above claim to be more enlightened and yet spew hatred through their "more educated" replies. I think the issue that remains is you can CHOOSE to not support someone for their views as much as you can CHOOSE to support someone. Does that deny the quality of work someone has produced? No, but it certainly makes you think again about whether you CHOOSE to support them any further. I CHOOSE not to see the movie for the simple fact that I can CHOOSE not to do so; my reasons are my own. All the others may do as they wish, they will not affect me in any way. Back to designing!

in response to luis359199
 on Tue, July 9, 2013

It's not stupid to me. We all get to decide what's important to us. This is a consequence of free speech in a free market. Everyone gets a say, whether we like it or not. Card has a LONG history of strong anti-gay rhetoric and actions that were meant to suppress and deny basic liberties to gay people. He's allowed that. In response though, the LGBT population and their allies are allowed to say they won't support his work. To be honest, do you think he really expected we would?

"Let's be clear — the right to free speech is the right to express oneself without state retaliation. It is not a right to speak without social retaliation. Speech has consequences. Among those consequences are condemnation, vituperation, scorn, ridicule, and pariah status. Those consequences represent other people exercising their free speech rights. That's a feature of the marketplace of ideas, not a bug.

Yet too many people seem to think that free speech includes not only a right to be free of consequences imposed by the state, but a right to be free of consequences imposed by other people. Therefore they attempt to portray criticism as a violation of their rights. This, of course, finds no support in the law, and is patently unsustainable as a philosophy besides — it nonsensically elevates the rights of the first person to talk over the rights of the second person to talk."

And I agree, The Golden Compass was a crappy film.

 on Tue, July 9, 2013

For those still on the fence on Orson Scott Card, as part of his work with NOM he helped bring the "Kill the Gays Bill" to fruition in Uganda. It was recently passed into law. If you are unfamiliar with this, it was an initiative by U.S. evangelical groups using outspoken hate monger David Bahati to infiltrate Africa with their bigotry since they were loosing ground and money here in the US. This man has blood on his hands. Still want to see Ender's Game?

 on Tue, July 9, 2013

Thank you for bringing this movie to my attention. I pledge to buy at least 20 tickets to give out to my friends, and organize some kind of discount mass purchase promotion for the church I attend (18K weekly attendance).

Thanks again!

 on Tue, July 9, 2013

Forever amazed at the lengths homophobes will go to in order to spew their vitriol, but still call themselves "loving" "Christians." I don't know what planet you dipshits live on, but Jesus loves sinners and told you to love thy enemies, not to take pleasure in our oppression and marginalization.

And what the ever-loving fuck is ~unreasonable~ about the LGBTQ community boycotting this asshole? I have no interest in giving my money to some shitstain that believes I'm diseased and inferior to him.

 on Tue, July 9, 2013

My friends and I were all planning on watching this movie. I don't really care about his personal opinons and I don't plan on letting them bother me now. The book was awesome! And I've been excited about the possibility of a movie for years. I really hope this movie don't flop because I want them to do all of the of the books. Sorry guys but this is a silly fight.

 on Tue, July 9, 2013

I found out about his Satanic views long after I read Ender's game, so only bought used copies of the rest of the series and even his prequel novels. 

The movie I will see when I find a good used or pirated copy. 

 on Tue, July 9, 2013

Perhaps members of the gay community should have read the whole article. OSC also states that, "I learned that being homosexual does not destroy a person's talent or deny those aspects of their character that I had already come to love and admire." I think OSC being bigoted or prejudiced against gays doesn't destroy those aspects of Ender's Game which are good: (1) a well told dramatic story, (2) as a morality tale against demonizing our enemies. The second point in particular. Ender's Game the novel has nothing to do with OSC political opinions regarding gays. The movie even less so, since it is not his own personal creation, but that of a movie studio. Boycotting a product or company is appropriate when the product itself is causing or motivating social injustice, as was the case with the racial segregated bus system of Montgomery Alabama in the 1950s.  Buses where segragated so they boycotted them. Boycotting a product or company based upon the political views of its owner/producer is not appropriate when the product or company is otherwise unrelated. Every free and just society needs a free market of ideas from which individual can pick and choose without fear of retribution or retaliation. To do anything else is to invite tyranny and ignorance, the closing of our collective minds to exploration of ideas. Boycott policies that harm gay rights, not ideas, even if they are hateful, ignorant, or wrong.  

I would also say that there are many other valuable and true statements that OSC makes in his article, even though I as an Orthodox Protestant have the same feeling about him as a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints as he does about gays in America.  Nevertheless, I will never stop loving the novel "Ender's Game", I will never stop loving OSC the human, and I will never stop respecting OSC the author.  However, I will likely not see the movie for purely cinematic reasons.  

Finally, this is not about the First Amendment.  The First Amendment is necessary to protect free thinkers from state repression, but tolerance is necessary to protect individuals from the mob.  There is more to repressive nature of Salt Lake City than its State Agents, it is also about the private members of its community who are intolerant and drive anyone out of town who do not conform to the ideas of the Church of the Latter Day Saints.  The FIrst Amendment is powerless against the mob of private citizens who would destroy a person financially and socially because they have unpopular ideas.  

When the real revolution comes, no one will be up against the wall, everyone will be reconciled to what is right, just, and good.

in response to thedalek
 on Thu, July 11, 2013

Boycotting a product or company based upon the political views of its owner/producer is not appropriate when the product or company is otherwise unrelated.

LOL!!! I hope that makes sense in your head because, here, in the real world, that doesn't fly. For example, the KKK is having a delicious bake sale, wonderful tasty cookies, according to those who have tried them. Would YOU buy them? Of course, you don't care who or what is supporting, and they need that money because those burning crosses are expensive. Now, in my case, would I buy them? Oh hell no! Because I have an impediment, I can't support people or groups whose political views could come back later and bite me in the ass, or somebody elses, that thing is called concsience. So you go enjoy your movie, and I hope those dollars you use to buy tickets, help to save a lot of "misguided" mormon gay kids with electric shocks to fry the gay away. You really selected the nicest quotes from him, is not like Orson said something like “Marriage has only one definition and any government that attempts to change it is my mortal enemy. I will act to destroy that government and bring it down.” He sounds adorable and a nice guy to hang out with, enjoy your movie.

 on Thu, July 11, 2013

I think it's really weird and sad that so many homophobes actually took the time and expended energy to sign up for a geeksout account and say these hateful things in the comments. It's not like I go to church web pages or homophobic sites and set up an account to fight with people. What I don't really understand is where all of this hate comes from. Okay, so you don't like gay people. Why do you hate them so much? Has a gay person ever attacked you, physically or mentally? Has a gay person ever done ANYTHING to you to hurt you? 

 on Thu, November 21, 2013

Well here's the deal folks. I'm going to have to start boycotting anyone who boycotts Enders Game the movie or the Book. Why?

1) Do we decide that those who disagree with us or don't value us do not deserve to make a living or work?
2) Enders Game as a work does not make any derogatory statements regarding LGTB folks
3) The real folks who will suffer are fans of Enders Game and the other works. We will not have the experience of a sequel to finally visually see what we've been reading about for years. Producers, writers actors and others not associated with these views will also be the ones who suffer the most.
4) I'm tired of these asinine black and white decisions. They just fuel the fire. It makes the Them and Us mentality even greater. I'm not saying his comments should not be responded to, but they should be responded to in kind, not by attacking a great work of art nor his livelihood.

As such, for the next 6 months, anyone associated (straight, gay or celebate) that has posted support of this boycott or spoken of it in any way will not receive any financial support from me. This will include waiters tips, online orders, tv shows, any purchase at all, and I'm going to encourage others to do so.

Just as discrimination against minorities of any kind must stop, so must militant economic responses to only one party involved.. Tell me you haven't seen a Tom Cruise movie? Or John Travolta? I know someone out there is a fan of the remake of Hairspray. Should Harrison Ford suffer econmically from this? Or are we now doing the black and white guilty by association?


Please note: I am not some right-wing nut job. I've just voted in my local elections for Democrats, supported the Pride effots in my city, among other efforts.

Also note: " It's not like I go to church web pages or homophobic sites and set up an account to fight with people." Actually in some cases many folks do. In the case of Prop 8, donors to the cause against marriage equality were targeted, their identies published and harrassment encouraged.


Also note: I'm not saying the cause isn't just. Equality should be striven for, argued for, fought for. But when your tactics lower you to the level of your opponent--- you've not only soiled yourselves. You've soiled your cause.

"LOL!!! I hope that makes sense in your head because, here, in the real world, that doesn't fly." -- So all us folks who saw the Bolshoi during the Cold War really were Pinko Commie Sympathizers. Its the mentality in this response that led to McCarthyism, the Comics Code and other things we now see as evil.

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