George Takei in Next Magazine: A Voice For Queer Geeks

Next Magazine's Alex Erikson spoke with out icon George Takei and discussed Takei's fight for marriage equality in California, as well as his experience in closeted Tinseltown and recent resurgence as a Facebook icon. The piece not only highlights major moments in Takei's life (such as meeting his future husband Brad through a gay running club and his reaction to former Governor Schwarzenegger's veto of the state marriage equality bill), but also analyzes how Takei has been able to accomplish so much:

But for all the seriousness of his causes, almost all of Takei’s remarks have a cutting wit not expected of a man who remembers when being out meant giving up any hope of personal success. "Humor can be a potent weapon in exposing the stupidity of some of these hateful people," he says of anti-gay politicians. "Some of these homophobic politicians are so ridiculous that they lend themselves so easily to lampooning," he says, and there again I can’t help but notice his perfect pronunciation of that last, flawlessly chosen word.

Check out the complete article here and don't forget to attend Takei Back the Night on April 20, where you can enter to win this excellent piece of Takei art (designed by Timothy Piotrowski), generously donated by Next Magazine!

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 on Sun, April 15, 2012

This is great! Please note that the event, Takei Back the Night, is on April 20!

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