Geeks OUT's Favorite and Most Popular Posts of 2012

As Geeks OUT's second year draws to an end, I'm happy to look back and see how our website has grown in 2012. Geeks OUT has featured interviews with several prominent queer creators, been the source of several viral editorials, and our blogging staff has increased exponentially. In honor of these digital accomplishments, here's a brief recap of some of our favorite pieces (as chosen by Josh, Keith, and myself), as well as our most popular, as determined by traffic. Leave some of you best-loved moments in the comments below!

Don't See Ender's Game

"Orson Scott Card, "sci-ficon" and ma-jillionaire author of Ender's Game, is an awful, gay-hating bigot! He's ON THE BOARD of the National Organization for Marriage, that bunch of funsters, and has published some pretty explicitly anti-gay screeds. I've gone round and round with some very close friends on the issues of separating an artist from his politics and whether the lasting contribution or widespread enjoyment of one's works outweighs one's personal beliefs or actions in the past. To me? Nope, and especially not if you're alive today working against gay rights. As I said, I don't really care about the books, so for me it's easy: This man is our enemy. As a board member of that hate group, he's actively campaigning against my rights."

Geeky, Sexy, Cool - Philip Bonneau's Heroes + Villains

"I think it boils down to nostalgia and escapism. I remember going to Disney World as a child and freaking out over seeing Roger Rabbit and Mickey. These are our childhood heroes come to life. You see them personified and you instantly escape back to some similar moment of your childhood. I think it is popular as adults to dress as them because they know they are giving some kid that same memory or it really just gives them a chance to take on a whole different persona than who they are. Desk job by day, Cosplay hero or villain by weekend."

Talking Spit & Passion

"While working on Bad Habits, I started drawing a lot of exposed hearts, weird trippy shit like that, but not as trippy as I would have liked. With Spit & Passion I thought, “I just want to draw weird trippy shit all the time!” So there are a lot of random birds and characters that appear throughout the book that I was really excited about drawing. That’s kind of new. I’ve become more interested in making this piece of art, rather than telling the OCD, chronological story of what happened."

How Tumblr and MTV's Teen Wolf Saved Me From a Breakup Summer

"So I started reading Sterek fics. I started following Sterek tumblrs. I blogged, I reblogged, and I liked, and was blogged, reblogged, and liked in return. Most important of all, I interacted, which is what I think I needed the most. My breakup had soured a lot of New York to me, with most of it just seeming to drip with the residue of my failed relationship. Sunday’s spent brunching with friends or sitting in a park just reminded me of him. Fridays spent at bars we used to hang out with friends we used to hang out with just kind of tore me up with memories, despite how hard I pushed them away. It was really crummy way to live in one of the most vibrant cities in the world, but that’s the kind of emotional corner I felt like I had painted myself into."

Geek Like Me: 5 Things This Week Where I Was Like Whoa

"Inadvertently Gay Thing: XXX-Treme XXX-Men. Remember when Falcon Studios barebacked Marvel Comics? Now you do. So inadverntantly gay... for a book where the main protagonist where disco balls as part of her costume? Hmmmm... I think I've forgotten what "inadvertant" means."

And here's our "Top Ten Posts of 2012," ranked in countdown style:

10. Don't See Ender's Game 

9. More Crazy Marvel Avengers Movie Casting: Ms. Marvel, Vision, Sharon Carter, Falcon? 

8. Characters in Mass Effect and their Gay Community Counterparts 

7. Best President Ever 

6. Sapphires! We Love Brienne of Tarth and Gwendoline Christie  

5. Geeks and The Outs 

4. Andrew Garfield Pees in His Spider-Man Suit  

3. Matrix Director Makes First Public Appearance as Lana Wachowski 

2. Rumor: Ms. Marvel Headed to the Big Screen? Probably Not, But Let's Pretend 

1. Justice League XXX To Feature Gay Green Lantern and Nightwing Scene