Director Lana Wachowski Accepts HRC Visibility Award, Gives Amazing Speech on Being Trans

Lana Wachowski was honored this past weekend with the Human Rights Campaign's Visibility Award at their gala in San Francisco. Her acceptance speech ranges in topics from being a trans person in the public eye and the Hollywood promotional machine to coming to terms with being transgender. Gawker highlighted some of the best parts of her acceptance speech:

I am going to [come out] but I know there is going to be a price for it. I wasn't sure how I was going to come out, I just knew when I finally did come out I didn't want it to be about my coming out. I am completely horrified by the "talk show," the interrogation and confession format, the weeping, the tears of the host whose sympathy underscores the inherent tragedy of my life as a transgender person. And this moment fulfilling the cathartic arc of rejection to acceptance without ever interrogating the pathology of a society that refuses to acknowledge the spectrum of gender in the exact same blind way they have refused to see a spectrum of race or sexuality.

We applaud you, Lana, and look forward to seeing more of you and your amazing work!

on October 24, 2012