A Cheeky Interview With JC Etheredge of Anti-Heroes

JC Etheredge and I met this past weekend at the book launch for C. Edwards' Abel Boddy. In addition to being quite talented, JC has a his own book coming out titled Tounge In Cheek, published by Bruno Gmunder. There's also a reception this Friday at the Leslie-Lohman Museum in Soho. We chatted a bit about his background and his inspiration for his work.

Patrick: Tell us a bit about yourself and what got you interested in drawing in general:

JC: I learned to read with Peanuts comic strip anthologies and was drawing those characters with boobs and bulges pretty early on. I've always had a dirty mind and am always looking to improve my artwork, from drawing better to really getting into the heads of my audience.

There's a playful cartooniness in your art, but it's still explicit and hardcore. Where do you find your inspiration for your erotic drawings?

The cartoony style comes from a huge Looney Tunes/ Tiny Toons influence. (The first thing I was ever paid to draw was Buster and Babs getting it on!) My inspiration comes from consuming a LOT of media (especially in the 80's and 90's,) like a good little fanboy. And with everything I watch, read or play, I think to myself, "this would be awesome if it was gay and porny!" 

Tell us about the Anti Heroes:

Anti-Heroes began as my gay erotic comic series about a trio of sexy, muscle-bound intergalactic soldiers of fortune. But now, Anti-Heroes is a sort of general catch-all name for all the characters I draw. They look like superheroes, but are anything but heroic! (Unless we define heroism as screwing everyone and being naked all the time.) 

What is Persuasions?

I used to really love soap operas. So again, "what would they be like they were gay and porny?" was my inspiration to start the series. It's basically a soapy story following the sexy residents of "York Angeles". It reads like a play with a bunch of dirty drawings to supplement the writing.

What can readers expect in your new book Tounge in Cheek?

Bruno Gmunder curated this collection, choosing from about 10 years worth of material. Most of what they picked are pieces I was paid to draw. I have some very creative patrons with some really specific fetishes. My online followers will know the work already but I'm hoping to reach a different audience with this hardcover book.

What other comics are you reading and/or what creators are you following? 

I was really into X-Men in the 80's and 90's but haven't cared much for the direction since then. I also used to be a big fan of Capcom fighting games, back when they were 2D. I keep up with the current incarnations of those media but don't really eat it up like I used to. I keep up with my contemporaries in gay erotic art, many of whom I know personally or have chatted with online.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Um... go to my site: Anti-Heroes.net

[WARNING: All very NSFW -- PY]

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And then consider commissioning me to draw your favorite characters going at it! Nothing pleases me more than knowing I drew something that someone got off to!

on February 21, 2013