Celebrate Bisexual Visibility Day With These Ten Bisexual Geek Characters

Today is Bisexual Visibility Day, so why not celebrate some of geekdom’s most fabulous bisexual characters? Here’s a quick (and by no means complete) list of geek culture’s bisexual heroes (and villains). Please feel free to leave any additional suggestions in the comments!

Thanks to Amber, Jono, Keith and Kevin for their suggestions (and by suggestions I mean coming up with the list)!

Constantine — DC Comics’s resident rouge mystic has had dalliances with both men and women in his past. While the upcoming NBC show is notoriously skipping this detail of his past, fans have clamored to have this included.

Daken — Wolverine’s son grew up to become a vicious assassin, and frequently used his sexuality as a weapon. Tragically, the two never reconciled and Daken was murdered by his father, only to be resurrected by the Apocalypse Twins in Uncanny Avengers.

Jadzia Dax — Deep Space Nine’s chief science officer helped the crew through many adventures, particularly when working with foreign cultures. Dax was romantically involved with quantum physicist Lenara Kahn, and eventually married Klingon Worf.

Hercules — Based on Greek myths, the Marvel Comics version of the Olympic hero served alongside many Avengers, almost since the group’s creation. In addition to being married to Megara, he more than likely slept with X-Man Northstar.


Jack Harkness — Lovable rapscallion Jack Harkness fought alongside the Ninth and Tenth Doctors as well as leading the Torchwood organization. In between adventures, Harkness found comfort in the arms of both male and female teammates.

Mystique — This infamous shapeshifter fights for her own vision of mutant liberation. After seeing her love for James McAvoy’s Professor X in the two most recent X-Men films, could we possibly see Jennifer Lawrence’s version of the character bed Destiny in the upcoming X-Men: Apocolypse sequel?

Princess Bubblegum — While Adventure Time’s Bubblegum is frequently seen as a love interest for the main character Finn, voice actress Olivia Olson revealed that the Princess once dated Marceline the Vampire Queen. That statement has been quietly retracted, but fans are keeping the flame alive for an on-screen romance.

Psylocke — Yet another espionage-focused character on the list, Psylocke’s convoluted backstory includes being brainwashed by the same clan of ninjas that was at one time led by Elektra. Nevertheless, she’s proved herself a valuable member of the X-Men teams, and has had brief relationships with Fantomex and his female counterpart Cluster. (PS: Until recently, I pronounced this character’s name as “Syke-Lock.”)

The Canary — In the Arrow-verse, Canary has been the lover of both Arrow and Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter Nyssa. Let’s hope she’s back for more in Season Three!

Shatterstar — Originally a New Mutant villain and later molded into a character similar to fellow list member Jack Harness, Shatterstar has survived both on-and off-page cultural changes to finally come out as bisexual.

Tell us about your favorite bisexual character in the comments section below!