Kickstarter We’re Into: Burl and Fur



The LGBT community has a rich history of zine creation that stemmed from the underground communities and censorship laws. Nowadays we don’t have the same restrictions on content or much of the same fear that came with the creation of these comix, but the tradition hasn’t stopped.

Crowdsourcing platforms like Kickstarter have become the avenues by which queer creators can get together and bring to their audience content that the creators love and the people want.

One such campaign is Burl and Fur, an “illustration zine inspired by and dedicated to bara/gay manga.”

Burl and Fur spreads_revisions1.jpg

I first heard about this project during Small Press Expo 2015, where Paul Reinwand talk about the idea on the Erotic Comics panel. Since then I’ve been on the lookout!

Curated by four talented individuals (Irene Koh, Paul Reinwand, Ricardo Bessa, and Kevin Jay Stanton) this anthology brings together “40 young artists pay tribute to the genre, making up a beautiful and diverse collection of illustrations.” The book is about 60 pages, and is full of images that range from “playful to suggestive.” Among the contributors are Flame Con guests Kevin Wada and Max Wittert!

burlandfur_snippets_Kevin Wada.jpg

burlandfur_snippets_Max Wittert.jpg

One of the reasons I like this zine so much is that it certainly celebrates a type of body not often praised or lauded in traditional media. The images range from silly to sultry, from sweet to seductive, and it encapsulates well a niche within the lgbt community.

Burl and Fur spreads_revisions2.jpg

Check out the Burl and Fur kickstarter and support this tradition of gay comix history!

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