9 Latinx Creators You Should Check Out

Kat Fajardo

An NYC cartoonist, Kat Fajardo's works focus on fashion, cartoons, and Latinx culture. Her comic Gringa! explores the how stereotyping and ignorance can impact POC and White Latinx, and what is feels like to live between two cultures - American and Latinx. Currently she is editing the anthology, La Raza, a collaborative art zine celebrating and analyzing the different cultures of Latinx people.

Ashanti Fortson

A student at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Ashanti Fortson was recently in Dirty Diamonds #7 and has an ongoing webcomic, Galanthus, a “queer space fantasy comic about Farah, a kind and idealistic human girl who is hired as a tech assistant on a smuggling ship after she accidentally stows away on it.”

Deanna Rose Echanique (Dechanique)

Featured in the upcoming My Monster Boyfriend anthology, Dechanique has been creating comics since 2008. Her current webcomic Nights in Amore, in an “ongoing erotic comic series for Filthy Figments, starring an all-female-identified squad of magical transforming mercenary knights and their romantic adventures.”

Zoe Coughlin

Zoe Coughlin is the creator of The Last Cowboy, a science-fiction webcomic about three women from very different places and with very different goals, ideals and thoughts. The comic “contains themes dealing with racism, feminism, the impact of technology and reproductive rights,” and is a must read for those who like intersectional sci-fi.

Anissa Espinosa

With her graphic novel Cast No Shadow coming out from First Second *next year, Anissa Espinosa’s work as spanned small press to mainstream comics. With contributions to Bee and Puppycat as well as the *Beyond Anthology, Anissa is a creator to look out for in the future.

Jayd Ait-Kaci (Chira)

One half of the Little Foolery team, Chira is the illustrator of the webcomic Sfeer Theory, a fantasy epic about an immortal wizard named Balzac, whose duty is to uphold and guard an empire. Her completed works are also fantastical in nature and are worth checking out.

Christina Poag

Do you like romance AND zombies? Well Christina Poag’s Gardenia might just be for you. This webcomic is about Agnes, a naive girl, who can’t let go of her dead girlfriend and when she gets an offer one night while visiting at the cemetery she takes but it comes with a price. Her upcoming work is a feature the anthology, La Raza, a collaborative art zine celebrating and analyzing the different cultures of Latinx people.

Cristy C. Road

Cristy Road mixes punk and latinx culture in here art to create accessible art focusing on social issues affecting the communities she lives in. Starting in 1997 with Greenzine, Roads has now almost “20 years of independent publishing under her belt, along with years of creating countless illustrations for a slew of magazines, record albums, event posters, and social justice organizations.” Her newest project, “Next World Tarot,” coming in 2017, is a deck of tarot cards focusing on queer spirituality and “the reconnection, between outcasts and their criminalized identities.”

Mia Rose Elbo

Autobiographical comics give readers a peek into a creator's world, and Mia Rose Elbo is doing just that with her webcomic Becoming Me. In her comic Elbo talks about her daily life as a transwoman in Santiago, Chile. What is unique about this, is that often American readers don’t get to see what queer culture is like in other parts of the world, and Mia give us insight into how queer culture works in the Southern hemisphere (well, at least in Chile).

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on October 4, 2016

Salutations! If you are on this page I figured you want to get to know me a bit better so here are some basics:

Is that your name? How do I say that? - No it’s not my name name but I like it better. Oddree is pronounced like Audrey, just not spelled like it.

It’s the internet so how old are you really and what do you in real time? - I’m in my twenties and IRL I'm a lawyer.

Demographic information for official government purposes? - She/her/hers - Bisexual - Hispanic

What is with the rabbit with horns I see on your other social media? - That is a jackalope. It is a whiskey drinking, cupcake eating animal of North American origin and I love them so. Hence it has become my logo of sorts.

Any distinctive markings I should know about so if I see you in the wild I can recognise you? - I have eight piercings and two tattoos thus far. First tattoo is on my ankle and it’s the word “She” after the Green Day song, and the second is Max from Where the Wild Things Are, on a boat with some Bob Dylan lyrics surrounding it. Oh! I also have webbed toes.

Other social media outlet? - I'm @oddree13 everywhere!