IndieGoGo We're Into: Science with Sophie: Science Comedy for Girls

Let's face it: when it comes to comedy and science, both fields tend to have an overpoweringly male connotative taste. However, we are on the verge of 2017, and women have proven time and time again that they can be just as intelligent and funny as their male counterparts, if not moreso. Why is it then that we still lack the female representation in the media when it comes to educational programming in the STEM fields of study? Why can't "Bill Nye the Science Guy" be "Karen Sal the Science Gal?" (I'm trademarking this name immediately).

Sophie Shrand aims to question the STEM media patriarchy that has existed as long as we can remember to give a new voice to our youth and teach children of all genders that girls can be just as smart and strong and funny as boys in her new project Science with Sophie: Science Comedy for Girls (found here on IndieGoGo). In order to gain a little more insight into the project, I reached out to my friend and representative of the project, Ethan Krupp for more on the project and his personal feelings surrounding female empowerment in STEM and Comedy.

Science with Sophie is a science comedy show for girls ages 7 to 14, is a smart, quirky series that reminds girls they are smart, curious, funny, brave scientists every day. Your host is Sophie Science, a scientist, educator, and comedian, whose wacky characters will educate and entertain girls while showcasing how diverse STEM careers can be.

Nick Barsuli: What does Science with Sophie mean to you, and why does it matter?

Ethan Krupp: There's the high level aims of the project, and then my personal experience. For the high level, it is vital that girls in our country (and across the world) are encouraged and supported to go into these important careers. Personally, it's a great reminder that when a smart and passionate woman asks you to be on her team, always say yes.

Have you been a part of this project from the beginning?

I have not! Sophie Shrand, the host and the creator, had this idea in her head for years and assembled a kick-ass all-female writing team before I came on. I helped with the IndieGoGo campaign, but this is her baby, and I'm honored to be a part of it.

How does Science with Sophie hope to not only inspire, but also connect directly with young minds to promote inclusivity and knowledge?

The approach of Science with Sophie is to show by doing. The series engages young people in relevant and fun science, while simultaneously exposing them to a diverse array of people in impressive STEM jobs. The series will highlight real people from all backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. With real, live examples of different people in all kinds of STEM careers, the show sends a direct message to young minds that anyone can do science, and that all voices are invited to join the global conversation as scientists and citizens.

Thank you, Ethan! And for anyone interested in donating to this great cause, the project can be found on IndieGoGo here: Science with Sophie: Science Comedy for Girls

on November 28, 2016

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