2014 In Fan Fiction: A Glimpse of the Future

Gay-themed fan fiction, often known as “slash” for the subgenre focusing on same-sex pairings, has a surprisingly long history, dating back to Kirk/Spock stories in fanzines from the late 1970s. But today, the Internet has made an incredibly diverse range of prurient gay fiction available, catering to every imaginable fandom, pairing, and fetish; even those who fantasize about gay orgies with shape-shifting were-cuttlefish aren’t left out - though thankfully, Someone to Cuttle is set in its own world rather than the Finding Nemo universe.


And yet, there still remain a handful of niches yet to explore. While the interests of time, space, and decency prohibit me from filling the Geeks Out blog with the next slash epic, I’m going to take my crystal ball and gaze into the very, very strange future of same-sex fanfiction.


Tetris: Blocks of Passion


Plot: Tetriminos S and T are used to falling together - but they never thought they’d fall in love! But as the screen fills up, can their red-hot romance survive?

Excerpt: T gasped as S landed on him with a hard drop, perfectly filling the empty square on his left side. “Oh, S,” T sighed with pleasure. “I’ve stacked up with Tetrominoes around the world. I thought I’d found my perfect fit before. But Z’s, L’s, O’s - none of them can make me feel the way you do. Make a line with me, S.”

Rocket Raccoon and Groot: Arboreal Ardor

Plot: The stars of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy are splitting from their teammates to blaze a trail of destruction across the cosmos - and into each other’s hearts!

EXCERPT: With one blast from Rocket’s pilfered Badoon rifle, Xemnu the Titan lay dead, his thick white fur now streaked with jets of red. The planet was free from the beast’s tyranny, and the Infinity Gauntlet was now forever out of Xemnu’s grasp.

Standing atop Groot’s shoulder, Rocket’s tail twitched with the joy of hard-fought victory... and of anticipation. “Now, it’s time to get your own big gun ready,” he whispered suggestively.

“I AM GROOT,” said Groot.

Groot’s sap began to flow.

But these two stories are just the start! More of 2014’s fanfic highlights include:


  • The Golden Boys - Gays have always loved The Golden Girls - but never like this! When Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia are magically transformed into nubile muscle twinks, they discover a whole new side of themselves - and they might have to thank each other for being a lot more than just friends!

  • My Little Archer: Addiction is Magic - It was bad enough when one of Kreiger’s mad science experiments malfunctioned and transported the former agents of ISIS to a magical realm of talking ponies. But now, Pam has gotten half of Equestria hooked on the team’s massive stash of cocaine! Will the drugs send Twilight Sparkle and Applejack’s forbidden romance to a new high, or to the DANGER ZONE? And what happens when a certain man-handed superspy comes in between them? Will it be smooth sailing ahead? NOPE!

  • Willy Wonka and the F**k Factory - When the world's greatest chocolatier branches out into “adult novelties,” his Golden Tickets are now only for those 18 and over! Come with him and you’ll be in a world of pure penetration - but what you’ll see will still defy explanation!

Yes, this is just the tip of the iceberg! Who knows what new frontiers in perversion and filth 2014’s fan fiction will show us? We can only imagine!

on March 18, 2014