Geeks OUT Podcast: The Good, The Bad, The Fabulous, a Year in Review

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In this special year end episode of the Geeks OUT Podcast, Kevin (@Gilligan_McJew) and @Graham Nolan look at the past year in the world of queer and geeky and offer our Top 3's in various categories following comic books, television, and movies.

Find out who we ranked as our:

  • Top 3 LGBTQ Characters in Comics and TV/Movies
  • Top 3 LGBTQ Story lines in Comics and TV/Movies
  • Top 3 Annoying LGBTQ items of 2016
  • Top 3 Resolutions for 2017
  • Sexiest LGBTQ Character(s) in Comics and TV/Movies
  • Writer Who Brought the Sexy
  • Artist Who Brought the Sexy
  • and Creator/Writer Who Did Right by the LGBTQ Community