Geeks OUT Podcast: Flame Con Hangover

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In this special Flame Con edition of the Geeks OUT Podcast, Kevin (@Gilligan_McJew) is joined by co-editor of the Geeks OUT website Jon Tully (@HeyMrTullyman) as they discuss their 3 favorite moments from the first day of Flame Con, as well as squee about our Strong Female Character of the Week: Gillian Anderson.

This Episode's Topics Include:


  • KEVIN: The Ultimates, Civil War II, Dead of Summer
  • JON: The Expanse, The Woods


THIS WEEK IN QUEER: Top 3 Favorite Moments from Day 1 of Flame Con 2


    • Designing X-Women panel
    • Meeting Silk artist (and #internationalshutin) Tana Ford
    • The Flame Con love
  • JON

    • The amazing panels with amazing guests especially Designing X-Women
    • All the cosplay and crossplay to be seen
    • Getting to meet and hang out with the Geeks OUT family