Review: The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars Part Two

When we last left off in The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars Part One, Republic City was in literal shambles, Korra and Asami were in an adorable relationship together, and the city's triads were gearing for a power battle. If Part One started with a honeymoon with Korra and Asami's vacation in the Spirit World, Part Two gets into the marriage, with all its joys and obstacles. The comic delves deeper into the situations introduced in Part One, such as the gang wars waging across Republic City.

Part Two brings us more Korra and Asami, but also develops other characters. Brothers Mako and Bolin are up against a world they used to be a part of. Due to their rough past, Bolin and Mako once worked with the Triple Threat Triad for survival, fighting the law. Now, as Mako’s newest partner on the force, Bolin must learn how to adapt to his new role as a police officer. Hopefully this endeavor will be more successful than Bolin's previous stints as an actor or as Kuriva's puppet solider. Meanwhile, fan favorite Zhu-Li faces new developments of her own. In the face of Raiko's overwhelming incompetence, Team Avatar encourages Zhu-Li to run for President herself. Honestly, after practically co-running a multi-million dollar business empire and managing the impulsive Varrick, Zhu-Li is more than qualified for the role. If only she were to run for American presidency too…

As Part One confirmed with moments like their romantic trip to the Spirit World and their announcements to their family and friends, Korra and Asami are officially together. In Part Two both ladies are focused on their own challenges: Korra must restore harmony between the human and the Spirit World while Asami tries to literally rebuild Republic City. This part of the story spends less time delving into their romance, but there are nevertheless some shippable moments, so fans won't be totally deprived of Korrasami: for example, Korra asking Asami out on a date or calling the two calling each other girlfriend.

Meanwhile, there are new power dynamics within Republic City. Part of the focus of the narrative in Part Two is on the triads of Republic City, each fighting for power among the ruins of an injured metropolis. Older triads like the Triple Threats fight for dynamics against new groups like the Creeping Crystals. Tokuga, a character first introduced in Part One, is fighting for dominance over all the Triads. Mutated after contact with a Spirit creature, Tokuga uses his merciless intelligence and new body to control the other crime lords of the city. He's becoming one of the Avatar's biggest threats.

Captivating storytelling by Michael Dante DiMartino, accompanied by the beautiful art of Irene Koh and colors by Vivian Ng, takes us deeper and more intimately into the world we already love and will always want to know more about.