Mark Your Calendars for ClexaCon!

It's finally here: a brand new convention celebrating queer women in pop culture! Named for Clarke and Lexa (collectively "Clexa"), the beloved lesbian couple on CW's The 100, ClexaCon will be held from March 3–5, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada, at a venue yet to be determined.

2016 has been a rough year for queer characters in popular media, especially for women. In fact, 18% of all LGBTQ women characters in television shows were killed off in the past year alone. This unfortunate phenomenon has become so ubiquitous that it is now known as "the lesbian death trope". Wynonna Earp, a SyFy show featuring two main characters in a lesbian relationship, has defied the lesbian death trope in its premiere season. However, the series has yet to be renewed. The fan outcry for better representation has never been louder.


Enter ClexaCon, whose mission is "[to bring] together queer women from a multitude of fandoms across TV, film, and the web to celebrate queer presence in the media." Finally! A high-profile femslash convention, ClexaCon promises LGBT artists and vendors, as well as panels and workshops curated and led by queer folks in fandom. Oh, yeah: there's also the matter of the already fantastic (and growing) list of celebrity guests, such as Kat Burrell (Wynonna Earp), Mandy Musgrave (South of Nowhere), and Gabrielle Christian (South of Nowhere). There’s no doubt that the rest of ClexaCon’s programming is going to be spectacular.


If you're wondering where you can sign yourself up for this awesome experience, three-day tickets for ClexaCon went on sale on July 5th. Day passes will be available in the future.

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on July 7, 2016

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