Introducing: Section II




I came across Section II on twitter a little while ago. Intrigued by what I saw, I grabbed the chance to ask founder Allie Esslinger a few questions.

The name, as many will know, is a reference to the section of the Motion Picture Production Code which, until 1968, forbade homosexual content. Section II is " re-claiming [their] namesake as a destination platform for filmmakers and film lovers".

What does that mean? The "world's largest collection of LBTQ features, shorts, and series", with a broad range of stories and platforms. Working with content creators to help them develop their projects, and acting as a distributor, focused first and foremost on the filmmakers, not on lining their pockets.

For the audience, this means more stories to see, and increased ability to see the content you want to see.

For content creators, support for the stories you want to tell, and a place to find your audience.

Section II is run by LBTQ filmmakers, meaning they know what the community is missing, and they know how to make films to fill that gap. It also allows them to work withing the LGBTQ community to " highlight female filmmakers and female-driven and non-binary focused story lines, which doesn't happen in the mainstream and doesn't happen in LGBTQ circles in general very often".

Their call for #BetterRepresentation is a call to acknowledge the lack of readily available, easy to find, LBTQ created LBTQ content. As Allie said: "The lack of access to LBTQ content is bad for LBTQ people looking to see themselves on screen. It's bad for the general population to only see stereotypes and LBTQ characters as the butt of jokes".

This is something most of us have felt - the call to action is a call to change the mainstream dialogue by showing diverse content made by diverse people and watched by diverse people.

Section II is, right now, nearing the end of their Seed & Spark campaign, and preparing to film their own feature, "Assassin".

I've been impressed by their commitment, and their adaptability. I see the potential, and I want to see this project succeed.

So check out that campaign:

Their website:

Their twitter:

Their facebook:

Show some support, and go watch a bunch of great films!