Game Review: Digital: A Love Story


Digital: A Love Story is really a very simple little game from indie creator Christine Love.

Set "5 minutes into the future of 1988", you'll find yourself on bright blue screen very familiar to users of the old Amiga Workbench (only this sytem is called "Amie"). With just a dialer and and the number to your local BBS, off you'll go. Hack your way into other BBS nodes using the simplest of all password crackers, use c0dezs to dial long distance, make a few people mad at you and mmake others recognise your screen name with awe.

It's a simple game. It's full of the history of BBS, the Arpanet, the Creeper and the Reaper. Fascinating stuff to read, whether you remember it or not, all as an aside to the main plot.

The main plot is, as advertised, a love story. And it's a love story that made my very vocal inner cynic shut up and play.

Think of it like an interactive story - the elements will play out as you turn each page, but they require your commitment to do so.

It's hard to say more without giving things away, but this game is HIGHLY recommended. It's free to download, and you can play it in half an hour - but expect it to be with you long after the credits end.


It's short, it's sweet, and it's kind of beautiful.

And when you're ready again, go find Christine Love's website and twitter, and check out the rest of her games.


Rating: 7/10


on May 31, 2014