Kickstarter We're Into: The Kaleidocast Season 2

Fans of the speculative fiction podcast The Kaleidocast will be excited to hear that the podcast is coming back for a second season—but they will need a little help from you in order to make that happen.

If you're not familiar with The Kaleidocast, it's a podcast where fantasy, horror, science fiction, and weird come together in a fractured Brooklyn. Produced by the Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers, The Kaleidocast blends short stories with the adventures of the hosts, academics at the Fort Greene Meta-Technic Institute: Professor Brad Overstreet, Senior Junior Lecturer Sam Spellingbound, and Dean Teresa Saint Durant. Together with story hunter James Earl King II, this team hunts out the strange and unusual stories lurking in the borough.

Your Kaleidocast team hard at work inventing new ways of weird

Season 2 promises more writers, more stories, and celebrity guests to read those stories. Authors on tap for this season include N.K. Jemisin, Mike Allen, Nancy Hightower, Carlos Hernandez, Barbara Krasnoff, Phenderson Djeli Clark, David Mercurio Rivera, ZigZag Claybourne, and Theodora Goss. And Orange is the New Black star Kathryn Kates is already signed to read one new story for Season 2.

The goal is to raise $4,000 to pay staff and build a nest egg for season 3, and with only seven days left in the campaign, the group has already reached this goal. Stretch goals will allow the podcast to pay writers for Season 3, as well as provide additional art and back pay for writers of Season 1 stories. Rewards include shout-outs on the podcast, original stories from authors part of the podcast, original art, audiobooks and signed printed works. Higher reward levels include tickets to the Boroughs of the Dead walking tour, consultations and story critiques with authors who are experts in their fields (to help add authenticity to stories, such as stories involving technology or the law), and limited edition original art prints from podcast contributors.

According to Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers founds and Kaleidocast staffer Brad Parks, "BSFW and the Kaleidocast are extraordinarily diverse in all respects, with members who identify across the LGBTQIA spectrum. Because the Kaleidocast is an offshoot of the group, we strive for the same diversity of stories as we boast diversity of people, and find that speculative fiction provides ample opportunities to explore issues of love, gender, and sexuality in the worlds and works we create."

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on August 8, 2017

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