TFF2016: Women Who Kill

          Queer geeks interested in Tribeca this year should prioritize Women Who Kill, a defiantly strange and eminently compelling dramedy/mystery/romance written/directed by and starring Ingrid Jungermann.  She’s like Orson Welles if Orson Welles was a hip, acerbic lesbian.

            Set in a very distinctive Prospect Park lesbian milieu, WWK centers on Jungermann’s Morgan, who runs a popular female serial killer podcast with her ex-lover and bestie Jean (Ann Carr).  When Morgan becomes involved with the alluring Simone (an outstanding Sheila Vand, fresh from her buzzed about turn in A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night) all sorts of suspicion and jealousy swirl back and forth between the trio of women as well as their friends (including Shannon Patricia O’Neill as a lovable, no BS butch).  To say more would be to spoil a thoroughly twisty, involving plot, but I will mention that the great Anette O’Toole steals her two scenes as a convicted murderess, and there’s a small but pivotal role for Strangers with Candy’s brittle stepmother Deborah Rush.

            Women Who Kill is practically unclassifiable—see the multi-hyphenate description I concocted above—and yet balances its singular tone with ease.  It’s also extremely well shot and makes good use of Brooklyn locations.  Some talky movies are visually flat—I’m looking at you, Kevin Smith—but Women Who Kill doesn’t skimp on style to present a queer mystery for the 21st century.  Jungermann, with her effortless deadpan acting and assured work behind the camera, is one to watch. 
Women Who Kill screens as part of the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival.  More info:

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on April 20, 2016