I hope they get his name right on the invitation

Finally! Canadian superhero Northstar, a.k.a. Jean-Paul Beaubier, who's been a background X-Man for many years gets put on the main roster of Astonishing X-Men in issue #48! At long last, he's going to be part of actual plotlines, alongside new teammate Karma, another queer X-Man who's had very little screen-time! Marvel has also been teasing a "wedding invitation" advertisment promoting the Astonishing series, suggesting that Jean-Paul and his longtime boyfriend Kyle will be tying the knot in a few issues. Exciting times for LGBT readers of the X-Men! Imagine my dismay as I read Northstar being called Jean-Claude 3 times! His BF calls him Jean-Paul in the beginning, but he later calls him "Jean-Claude" twice, as does Gambit. Weak! 

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on March 28, 2012

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