Think Good Thoughts For Legendary Comic Artist George Perez

Comic Book Resources reported this morning that legendary comic artist and writer George Perez (c'mon, you don't need his resume, do you?) is keeping up the valiant fight against his vision loss, but may have experienced a significant setback.

Perez posted this photo of himself wearing an eyepatch, with an update for fans on Facebook:

"...I need to report that my eye troubles have taken a bit of a downturn as my left eye has experienced some hemorrhaging, pretty much blinding me in that eye. This has necessitated my wearing an eyepatch in order to see a bit more clearly through my right eye. (See photo for my new pirate persona!)"

He continues,

"I'm not going to minimize the seriousness of my situation, but I am still drawing (albeit with a bit more effort) and am trying to maintain a positive, upbeat attitude. My wife Carol (Phoenicia) is an enormous source of comfort, support and love and the friends and family members who've heard the news have been pillars of concern and well wishes. I appreciate all the strength they've provided me. 

This is not meant to elicit pity, although any and all good wishes, positive vibes and even prayers will be greatly accepted with great thanks and sincerest humility."

He DOES still plan to attend this weekend's Project Comic Con in St. Louis.

Let's ALL wish Perez the speediest possible recovery and a glorious return to the top of the charts with his new exclusive contract with BOOM! Studios

Get well soon, George!  

on September 19, 2013